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Maica’s name is synonymous to responsible manufacturing. We are committed to quality, and we use our actions to prove it to you. Whether it is for your home use or for projects, we offer consistent quality laminates worldwide with our ISO certified manufacturing.

Our products include maiLaminate, maiCompact, maiConcept, maiLab Chem, maiLab Bio, maiTop, maiColour Core, maiInvisible-T.



Maica abides by the requirements of the European Standard, EN438, to ensure quality products manufacturing assurance for the benefit of our worldwide consumers.

  • EN438 sets stringent limits to ensure that products are manufactured to protect the consumer for quality assurance and responsible manufacturing.
  • Priorities on product quality, not only aesthetics.
  • Full compliance to EN438 clearly states that HPL does not contain dangerous substance, specifically pentachlorophenol, asbestos, halogens or heavy metals (Antimony, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium III and IV, Lead, Mercury, Selenium).


Maica has GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certificates from the UL Environment, which complies with the requirements of green buildings for indoor air quality.

  • Products with GREENGUARD are suitable for uses in offices, shopping malls and other general public places.
  • Products with GREENGUARD GOLD are especially important for environment where children and the elderly frequent.
  • Maica’s products are compliant to these certificates.

Singapore GreenLabel

The Ecolabelling from Singapore GreenLabel stated Maica’s certificate number is 035-034; 035 representing the category of “Made from Renewable / Sustainable Materials”.

  • Virgin pulp materials from non-virgin plantations/forestry.
  • No halogenated solvents
  • No aromatic solvents
  • No heavy metal contents

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Maica has obtained the FSC COC Certificate with FSC License Code C126725. Please ask about the FSC certified products and to understand on Maica’s products which are FSC certified. For more information on FSC, please see www.fsc.org.


Maica is highly supportive of the green initiatives of local governments. In Malaysia, Maica has obtained the MyHIJAU Mark for our products. MyHIJAU is an initiative by the local government to encourage the use of ecologically friendly materials. For more information about MyHIJAU, please see www.myhijau.my and statements of the Department of Standards Malaysia about MyHIJAU on www.jsm.gov.my/myhijau-programme.

maiFood Contact Safety

Maica sent maiLaminate and maiCompact to ISEGA laboratories in Germany for a full test for contact of foods stuff against our products. The result is a Certificate of Compliance, which states that all kinds of foodstuffs may safely be prepared and treated on maiLaminate and maiCompact, provided that hygiene regulations are not violated. The tests shows minimal or no transfer of building materials into foodstuffs, including Formaldehyde, Melamine, anti-microbial elements and Toluene Sulphonic Acid.


Maica’s maiProducts are endowed with maiAnti-Bacterial property on a demand basis since the day we started, and made into a standard delivery since year 2012. Our maiAnti-Bacteria uses silver-ion technology, a technology with a long history and is used by hospitals too. In laboratory environment, our maiAnti-Bacteria is able to reduce bacterial activities by 99% based on the JIS Z2801:2012 test method. The tests are done for 5 types of bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella chloeraesuis, Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


Fungi is more dangerous than bacteria, as it may cause toxic mould syndrome which affects our health in ways we never thought possible. Maica’s products are anti-fungi due to 2 reasons. The first is due to the strict adherence to the EN438 during our manufacturing, which uses high pressure and high heat that releases moisture and compressing the raw materials to a very high density. There is no air and no water to allow the growth of fungi on the panels. The other reason is due to the silver-ion technology that is anti-microbial. As a result, our panels achieve a 99% reduction of fungal activities in laboratory settings based on the ASTM G21-09 test standard. In return, it minimizes the chances for respiratory contact with fungi vegetative spores and no need to worry about the emission of mycotoxin from fungi. Excellent for mould prevention.

maiTermite Resistant (only for maiCompact)

Termites are building’s worst enemies! It is a common misconception that termites are eating wood. In reality, they are eating the cellulose that the wood is made of. But while they do consume cellulosic materials, termites cannot retrieve any nutrition without the assistance of bacteria, fungi and protozoa that helps to break down the cellulose and release nutrients that can be absorbed by the termite. Since Maica’s panels are anti-microbial, the termites have no reason to destroy the laminates as they are incapable of ingesting the panels. The tests to determine the termite resistant property was done by Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) based on the ASTM D3345-08 and Field Test Using FRIM Working Procedure PK A1 test.

maiAnti-Scuffing (only for High Gloss surface finish)

Maica’s maiAnti-Scuffing property is only applicable to high gloss finishes, with high reflective value. Maica utilizes the micro-solid particles technology to increase durability and create slipperiness to refuse molecular grip upon surface contact to prevent scuffing lines.

maiAnti-Finger Print (only for maiInvisible-T)

Maica’s maiAnti-Finger Print property applies solely to maiInvisible-T product. Any grease, grime and sweaty finger prints can be easily removed with only water and soft cloth, and it is also able to recover surface light scuffing by heat transfer treatment.

maiChemical Resistant (Only for maiLab Chem)

maiLab Chem from Maica uses the Electron Beam Curing (EBC) Technology, creating panels with high chemical resistant properties for professional laboratory applications. It is easy to maintain and fabricate, and you may wish to learn more about it from here: https://maiinspiration.wordpress.com/2016/11/09/understanding-mailab-chem-ebc/