ARCHIDEX 2017 – Completed!


Tue, 1 Aug – The ARCHIDEX 2017 exhibition has ended last week with a tired but satisfied Maica crew back to the office the following week to complete all kinds of paperwork and to follow up with the enquiries from the exhibition itself.

Maica’s booth this year holds the trending style of Industrial Warehouse Café design. The team of designers at Maica Laminates happily created this design, putting in their worthy ideas and picking up what they think is the best among the ideas as details for the booth to give a different experience to visitors. So, it is not surprising that this year, the booth brings the feelings of “Hygge”, comfort and fun.

The fun comes especially from the fund raising charity activity at the booth. Unlike previous years where fund raising activities are only restricted to the sale of furniture items at the booth, this year there is an additional wheel-spinning game that requires only RM1 to be able to do charity! Winners of this wheel-spinning game are also eligible to winning a maiTravel Pillow, maiT-shirts of various colours and maiCoaster made from maiCompact product, all of which are special edition items that will not be reproduced after the event.

The idea behind the RM1 Charity Chance game is to encourage charity, and let it begin with the idea of RM1. RM1 is a small amount, but without the RM1, there will not be RM2 or even RM1 million. It may mean nothing to many people especially in this modern day, but it will mean a lot to the beneficiaries of the donations. (More coverage about this charity event later in another blog post.)

There is also another charity item, the maiMushroom Chairs, each sold at a minimum RM80 with the full proceeds donated to charity. The team of maimai researched online and found that such similar chairs are sold at RM250 each on average elsewhere, and so the team DIY these chairs, with extensive sourcing by the Procurement department to make this possible.

This year too, the booth has broken the tradition of beer offering. Instead of offering beer, maimai decided to move to a healthier option: Coffee is served. This suits the Industrial Warehouse Café design concept very well, and the aromatic smell of coffee fills the booth that visitors find enlightening especially since most of them need the energy boost given that the exercise of walking the exhibition halls can be pretty tedious.

Overall, this year’s visitors are given the opportunity of fun and enjoyment. The tasks of exhibition becomes light hearted instead of being pulled down by the gravity of seriousness.

And we look forward to next year’s exhibition. Thank you very much!


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