maiCSR for House of Hope – 2

20 Apr, 2017 – Maica Laminates Sdn Bhd had performed a 2nd CSR activity to House of Hope as the beneficiary of the programme. This time, it is the sponsorship of 14 table tops made from maiCompact to replace the original, existing ones.

The existing table tops were made of MDF boards and due to wear and tear, some of the edging and the boards itself were damaged. When maimai first saw these tables, maimai examined the steel legs and they were still in excellent condition. So, the next thing we did was to place in the instruction to cut 2 sheets of maiCompact (size 6ft x 12ft x 13mm) into the specific sizes of the table tops!

20170420_090209 copy

On 18 April, maimai received the good news that the panels were ready, along with CNC-made holes for the screws. Once the panels were there, the excited staff from House of Hope received the panels and one of them started to learn about what to do on YouTube DIY channels. By the next day, he started work.

When maimai visited House of Hope on 20 April 2017, maimai was pleased to see that the staff had successfully installed some of the table tops. So, we took some photos and made a video to celebrate this success: maiCSR Q2 2017 – House of Hope 2

For more photos, please visit Maica’s website at the maiActivities section or our Facebook profile. You may also watch maiVideos on our Maica’s YouTube channel.


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