maiInvisible-T: A Product To Ease Your Life

Carpenters share the same anguish worldwide: What can you do to wipe off the finger prints for black colour laminates?

Black is a very stylish colour. It can represent many different characteristics of the owners and the designers:

a. Black as a representation of elegance: It is not surprising that a lot of formal dinner wear is black. Black tuxedo, black dress… and there is always that simple guide about girls making life easier with a “little black dress” as a must in the wardrobe for formal functions. The colour is simple. It will flaunt the appearance, but not really screaming for attention, hence there is always the opportunity to pay attention to important conversation and have good eye-contact for a good conversation in the formal functions.

b. Black as a representation of sophistication: Black is the colour of the Public Relations sector. We are talking about the real PRs, those that lobby at the governments and create situations to garner news attention. Usually, we see them as sophisticated people with high intelligence and also regard them as people who knows exactly what they are doing. In this current era, black has become the colour of professionals, including architects.

c. Black as a representation of power: Black is magnetic. It symbolises power of a higher authority. Priests wear black because it represents the submission to God. Black makes things look powerful.

d. Black can easily match with other colours: In terms of designs, black is a colour that can easily match with other colours. Sometimes it may hide in the background, and suddenly it may also become the highlight itself.

With all these advantages of Black colour, it is no surprise that black is a favorite among designers. However, fabricators and carpenters experience the anguish of cleaning before the handover of the project to customer because all that finger prints come naturally during renovation works. It is very rare that a project using solid black colour will not experience the struggle of cleaning.

Even after the handover, the maintenance by the user is also a problem. Very often, retails and high traffic areas will prefer to use white, because all that public finger prints are not so obvious on a white panel. Hence, they are usually forced to adopt the “clean”, “white” image that may not reflect the brand image. Or they may opt to just spray paint black instead of using laminate, knowing very well that painted surface can be easily damaged with high traffic visitors.

maiInvisible-T to the rescue!

We have a product coming to the rescue. Launched in 2015, we did a demonstration at Maica’s booth at the ARCHIDEX exhibition where thousands of visitors witnessed the following characteristics of maiInvisible-T, without any tricks or magic up our sleeves:

a. Anti-Finger Print – Wiping off finger prints, oil and grease with just water and a soft cloth.
b. Scuff Resistance – Using a fork to create accidental scuff effects, something common that may happen especially during renovations. Then drip a few drops of water on the scuffed surface, covered with a piece of cloth, and then the placement of a hot iron on the piece of cloth for approximately 30 seconds. Once the iron and cloth had been removed, the water on the surface starts evaporating. After the water fully evaporated, the scuffing marks were no longer visible on the surface.

c. Heat Resistance – Experiencing water and hot iron on surface, and yet undamaged.
d. Water Resistance – Most cleaning made with water and cloth, without causing damage to the surface.

Applying maiInvisible-T into your life

So, what is the best application for maiInvisible-T?

  1. Kitchen. The kitchen is the place where there is a lot of grease and oil, finger prints and spilled juices, sauce and many other food stuff. The cleaning of the kitchen is usually the most painful process, which makes most of us opt for eat out in this modern times.
  2. Dining table. The dining table can be a pretty demanding surface that requires a lot of cleaning, especially if you have little children. Children have a tendency to wipe their fingers on table surfaces, or any other surface that they can find. It is not a rare thing to find the marks of greasy little fingers on dining table tops. Thus, make cleaning easy by using maiInvisible-T for the table surface. You will be amazed by the amount of time that you save.
  3. Wall Panels. Especially for high traffic public areas. You cannot stop people from putting their greasy fingers on the wall while they talk, but you can make it easier to clean the surface with just water and cloth at the end of the day.

There are a lot more creative ideas for the use of maiInvisible-T. The only limitation is that the application will need to be a flat surface as this product does not bend to any radius profile. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since a flat surface is usually timeless in terms of design and trend.

If you need more information about maiInvisible-T, do visit Maica’s Official Website.


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