2017 maiCSR – House of Hope

24 Jan, 2017 – Maica’s maiCSR programme for 2017 started with the collection and delivery of old clothes for a non-profit, non-government organisation in Penang, House of Hope.

Below is the original article published in maiMAG Q1 2017 edition:

maiCSR @ House of Hope, Penang

It was a week before Chinese New Year. Everyone was talking about all that rush because CNY 2017 happened too soon in January. Many people had the opportunity to at least clean out their closet, and soon maimai started requesting for the old clothes to be collected for a special NGO.

This NGO is called “House of Hope”. It is stationed near the Rifle Range residential area in Air Itam, Penang. Originally, the NGO provided physical aid to underprivileged families living in the low cost flats of Rifle Range, but had since spread its coverage to other families in Penang.

To date, the NGO is serving approximately 1,800 families. Since it started its first missions in 2006, the NGO currently has:

  • subsidized monthly flat rentals for needy families
  • provided monthly food subsidies (rice, oil, bee hoon, milo, oats, milk powder)
  • been running a soup kitchen daily for lunch and dinner. There will be tiffins with cooked food provided free of charge for those who are elderly or disabled, those who cannot cook for themselves and do not have family members living with them.
  • facilitated applications for social welfare aid
  • conducted health and medical screenings and provided basic medical follow-ups.
  • conducted pre-school, tuition, arts and crafts, computer and music classes for children
  • had children’s outings
  • organized ‘gotong-royong’ to maintain the cleanliness of common areas of the Rifle Range Flats
  • provided monthly public bus fares (Rapid Penang) to school going children.

Their efforts will continue to help transform communities economically and socially, to help the underprivileged in the areas of education, healthcare and financial assistance. Their aim is to break the cycle of poverty and indirectly, crime, thereby transforming the community at its core.

Their selfless assistance will definitely make a difference to the society. For one, we are touched by their continuous efforts, and this triggered our old clothes collection activity to bring them to the NGO a week before Chinese New Year.

Somehow, it feels good to give. We will do this again.


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