A Balanced Mix of Work and Play

21 January 2017 marked the company’s annual dinner event at Hotel Equatorial Matahari Ballroom in Penang. It takes a special kind of dedication to be able to bring together 4 different groups to perform during the annual dinner for dances representing different generations: 1950s, 1970s and 2000.

The Opening Dance group consists of 7 members who had been dancing in the company’s annual dinner for the past years, and this year they have challenged themselves to a more difficult dance for the entertainment of the dinner guests. After all that crash courses and dance lessons, this group finally named themselves #RunFire. And here is the final result of their hard work:

Other than the #RunFire team, the company’s Management had also taken the initiative to participate in an individual dance, carrying with them the name #ShortCircuit. The Management team dancers consist of Assistant Managers and above, and their participation is very much appreciated as they had taken their time to learn and practice despite their heavy responsibilities and hectic schedules. Here is their performance:

Since the managers are able to let their hair down to entertain for the evening, the Executives jump into the band wagon and volunteered to perform their own dance. #ShockWave was born, and consists of 10 Executives who made themselves available at any opportunity to practice because they wanted to deliver the best performance for the evening. The result was fantastic!

The workers are not to be left out! The motivating enthusiasm of this whole dance movement had also triggered the participation of 3 volunteers of the Workers group from Nepal, who had given a lot of thought and dedication to choreograph their own dance performance based on a medley of their own choice, hence the birth of “GORKHELI” group, meaning “the Best”! You may watch their energetic performance here:

The night would not be complete without a performance by the company’s very own belly dancer, CY Choo. She had professional belly dancing performance experience, and thus the night must include her in the picture to make it really magical.

Well, 2017 saw the team setting a standard for the future annual dinner performances. It is going to be tough to surpass the delivery of that night, especially with the limited time available based on everyone’s hectic schedule for the year.

We shall be back… .


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