How colourful can laboratories be?!

A lot of people are getting confused over quality vs aesthetic when it comes to laboratory designs. For sure, a professional laboratory table top will be either white, grey or black as these are the colours that can help the happy scientists to work without distraction. If you wish to be creative, you may add colours but only to the body of the cabinets and the drawers, not on the table tops.

Let us share with you a few examples, in which our customer professionally added maiLab Chem in either white, grey or black, together with our maiLab Bio 15 colours range to add some colours to an otherwise pale and dull laboratory.

Remember, the basic guideline of a laboratory is “Worry Free, Safety First”, which is our maiLab Chem’s creation philosophy that we carry to our customers. We care for our customers’ well-being, especially in the laboratories because of the constant contact with dangerous chemicals. Keep the table tops simple with the three plain colours of white, grey or black from maiLab Chem collection to avoid any  distractions, while making the laboratory workspace vibrant and happy with maiLab Bio.

Safe testing!


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