San Francisco Coffee @ Lot 10

A coffee drinker will know this. At the local coffee shop, one will ask for a Kopi-O with its classic design cup and saucer, in the company of a fresh copy of newspaper or several other friends. Throughout the years, the artistic enjoyment of coffee had been established as an activity for relaxation.

As Western coffee concepts reach us in the East, we start being impressed by the ambience which is totally different from our kopi tiam. There is both indoor and al-fresco, with the indoors equipped with air-conditioning. Even the outdoor al-fresco is not just a table with chairs at the outside, it is usually decorated with such careful details that sitting right there makes one forget the hustles of the city life, at least as long as the coffee lasts.

The craft of such a beautiful environment can be seen at the San Francisco Coffee outlet at Lot 10 using Maica’s products. The interiors utilizes maiLaminates for its counter area for easy maintenance, and maiCompact for its outdoor cladding (Note: while Maica’s maiCompact panels are recommended for use indoors only, some customers will use it outdoors because of its durability and impressive colours.) We will not boast further but to let you see with your own eyes for this establishment when we did it in year 2006.


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