Canon Factory @ Seberang Prai

Do you know Canon? Come on, everyone knows Canon! That’s why maimai is really happy as Canon had chosen Maica’s maiCompact panels for its toilet cubicles. The colour used was Polar White, and making Canon’s toilets as stylish as its brand name.

maiCompact laminate by Maica Laminates is a durable product, based on the EN438 requirements as its most basic standards to be met. It is also an ecologically friendly product, being given GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications for very low chemical emissions. The raw materials are pure as it came from virgin pulp originating from properly managed forestry, a quality that is agreed by all carpenters and fabricators as they experience it first-hand while they fabricate the panels to the desired shapes and sizes. Also, they will agree that their maintenance cost for the carbide or diamond tip panel saws are a lot lower when they use Maica’s products, thanks to the absence of any heavy metals or alien materials within the panel’s build-up.

The way maiCompact is manufactured, coupled with its high quality raw materials, ensured an end product complete with stability and durability. This is evident from the many projects that we have done worldwide, with very few quality complaints and customers happily conduct general maintenance to ensure the cleanliness of their toilets once the installation using maiCompact is complete.

Most of all, we take this opportunity to thank Canon for choosing Maica. This is a very wise choice indeed. Thank you.


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