Kiosks made attractive

Sometimes you may wish to have something special for your kiosk, but when they offer you stickers, a little kid coming by to scratch it off will cause a headache and heartache to you. The sticker needs replacement and the whole piece needs to be torn off from the structure of your kiosk. Hopefully there is no damage to the original structure, otherwise you will need to pay more to make it good again for your next sticker.

Why do you need to make your own life so difficult?

Use maiConcept, the custom print decorative laminate that not only brings out the design that you desire for your kiosk, but also with added qualities:

a. Durable: it is a laminate panel, so it does not tear off easily like a sticker would.
b. Low VOC emissions: It is “green”, as it complies with the international GREENGUARD requirements,  certified with GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD for its low VOC emissions, safe for the indoor environment. c. Aesthetic: You can have your own design or you may wish to use our existing designs from our maiConcept catalogue.

Kiosks in the shopping malls may have it as a standard design for all stalls, or individual stalls may wish to have own design especially if it is related to a particular retail brand.


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