Escorts Hospital, India

Hospital projects are some of the more quality-demanding projects that Maica encounters over the years. Some of the strict requirements of hospital projects include materials having mold-prevention properties, anti-microbial properties, easy maintenance and high quality products for its interiors. For years since we started in 1968, Maica had been using silver-ion technology to fulfill its anti-microbial functions of the laminates, and continues to do so as this is the same technology being used widely by hospitals as one of the most effective anti-microbial technology in the world.

One of Maica’s earliest documented hospital projects overseas is the Escorts Hospital in India. The hospital had requested for anti-microbial panels, in which at that time Maica offered as an “upon demand” property. Maica only made anti-microbial a standard offering for all products in year 2012 as we see the influence of bacteria and fungi becoming more apparent to our human health, whether it comes as a hospital acquired infection or a community acquired infection. Here, we share the pictures of the Escorts Hospital, India which documents the use of Maica’s panels in the most sensitive areas including the Operating Theatres.


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